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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Broken toilets, creepy incidents....and malaria!!!

What a crazy couple of weeks it's been (nothing new there then).

First of all, I've won the award for the first September volunteer to contract malaria! Thankfully it wasn't serious and I was given the all clear today (yippee!!). But it was a strange coincidence that one of my neighbours contracted it at the same time. We've had some helpful advice about further precautions to take in the flat, so we'll try those.

So I've been off work for a week unwell. As well as having malaria I had a cold and sore throat. As if that's not bad enough, we've had an unreliable electricity supply which we think is due to the recent floods - as such, we've been without fans during the night and during the day some days - torture! (To put it into perspective, it is now 5.30pm and 29 degrees!!) However, fingers crossed things seem to be back to normal and I start back at work tomorrow.

While all of this was going on, our toilet decided to break down. Following the plumber's visit to check a simple problem, the toilet decided to spring a leak. The first time resulted in poor Ronald's bedroom being completely flooded (and destroying various electrical equipment/chargers in the proccess); the second and third times were confined to the bathroom. But cleaning up flood water is not what's needed when recovering from malaria. Thankfully we have very kind neighbours...

In terms of creepy incidents, I've had 2 in the last two days. The first was yesterday - I was walking by the main roundabout (Circle) with 2 volunteers, when a disabled guy sitting on the ground grabbed hold of my hand and refused to let go. He started squeezing tighter and tighter, giving me a real fright and I started to panic. A guy walking past stopped to help and I got away. As we were walking, the guy asked if my hand was broken - I said no. He said, wow you're very strong - which makes me think, was the guy trying to break my hand??? The second creepy incident was today - I was sitting in a taxi when a guy reaches in the window and strokes my face - what a fright!!! I know kids like to stroke white skin because it's unusual to some of them, but for a grown man to do it, especially to my face when I'm sitting in a taxi is just frightening. Lessons - occupy my hands when walking; and wind up windows in taxis!! (Also polish up on my krav techniques just in case...) :-D

Now for some positive news:

I got word last week that I have achieved the ‘University Foundation Certificate in Professional Skills in International Development’. All that hard work in the run up to leaving the UK was worth it...

We were on Ghana TV re. the Princess Anne visit!

No pics this week as haven't really been anywhere....! :-)

R x

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