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Monday, 12 December 2011

Salsa, Ghanaian Style!

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed 5 new volunteers to Ghana. They stayed in Accra for a few days for orientation before travelling to their new homes throughout the country. We decided to take them to Salsa for their last night in Accra. This is something I'd been talking about going to since I arrived in Ghana as I had heard it was amazing, but hadn't quite managed to make it along.

It was amazing!! Ghanaians are generally amazing dancers anyway (putting us “obrunis” to shame), but add salsa dancing around a swimming pool to the mix, and it makes fascinating viewing. Although we got distracted by chatting/drinking, we did manage to make out that there was some sort of dance contest – again, a salsa dance off Ghanaian style is something to be seen. Of course it did end up with one couple jumping into the pool as their finale...!

And on a completely random note, I can't remember if I mentioned the towel drama I've been having. Quick summary - I managed to disintegrate my towel in the wash (turns out it's not suitable for life in a hot country - more suited to a short camping trip in UK). Due to post drama, it took around 6 weeks for new towels to arrive from home. Now that they have arrived (thanks Mum!!) I feel I can share a picture of the infamous towel... see below.

Some pics for your viewing pleasure....

Our new arrivals plus Accra volunteer rep, Samina

Me with neighbours Peggy and Jacky
(My arms and legs look like they belong to different people due to colour!)

Salsa dancing round the pool

Me and Katrina (new volunteer)

The Gang!

My first Ghanaian dress!

Me and Ronald

The infamous towel!!

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