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Sunday, 11 March 2012

African Bates Motel

Just back after a 4 night stay in Africa's very own Bates motel. What a laugh.... We arrived late on Wednesday afternoon after driving through the worst rain/thunder storm I've encountered yet. (Driving in rain is not advisable here - driving is mental at the best of times, but add in rain, window wipers that don't work well, no lights, no cover for the back of the pick-up, windows down and the driver constantly having to wipe the inside of the windscreen as it was steaming up due to heat. Only seriously crazy drivers stay on the road so we were pretty safe...!) We arrived at our destination to find the grounds flooded and power out. Heading towards reception, it struck me what the place looked like - Bates Motel!! No chance of a shower scene though - a dribble of water that seriously smelled like eggs wasn't going to cut it....

The workshop consisted of a very hot room, good food, and frequent power shortages (even with the generator running). Air conditioning lasted for 2 nights; night 3 saw us all without power (sleepless night due to heat and mozzies - some people resorted to sleeping on the floor to try to cool down, without much success); night 4 saw the fans working so we had a bit of relief).

Random highlight of the trip - being presented with a certificate for attending the workshop (even though I tuned out for most of it as it was in Twi, which I can't speak yet). The President of the organisation gave a lovely speech about the work I have done so far, and 2 of the guys escorted me up to collect the certificate in their role as my bodyguards. So funny..... Didn't feel I'd earned it, but it was lovely to hear the kind words.

Girly moment of the trip - asking one of my colleagues to squish a spider for me.... I discovered a big one in my room. They look different to the ones back home, and since I learned that most of them can jump, I'm even more reluctant to go anywhere near them. Anyway I asked my colleague to come catch it for me, which he kindly did; only for my other colleague to comment "I thought you said it was a big one??" I told him not to ruin my perspective, that I really don't want to think about the size they could be...

I definitely know that life has changed when the highlight of coming home from such a trip is the promise of a good shower with water that doesn't smell of eggs. Felt clean for all of 2 minutes before the sweat started, but it was so worth it.... :-D

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