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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The longest paint job in history

Life in Adabraka has been a bit shambolic in recent weeks. 14 weeks, to be precise...

Let me rewind. Apparently back in 2010 it was agreed that the 2 Adabraka flats should be painted. For some unknown reason, this didn't happen. It was brought to attention earlier this year and it was agreed that painting should start in April. It so happened that this started while I was back in the UK, so my poor flatmates had 4 weeks of negotiating access to the flats with the painter - and chasing him when he didn't bother to show up. They kindly asked him not to come in the weekend that I returned to Ghana to allow me time to settle back in.

I came back to a painted bedroom in my flat, half a painted stairwell and a fully painted flat next door (although questionably done). After 2 weekends of no word from the painter, we tried to chase him up. Eventually that didn't work, and a call to the office revealed that they thought the job was complete. The painter returned to finish the job before somebody from the office was dispatched to inspect the place. The inspection did not go well, and it was agreed that the painter should come back to do a second coat, in another colour in some places.

After 2 days of 2painting round 2", the painter disappeared... Long story involved here, but it resulted in a new painter being found. The new terms and schedule were agreed.... then the new painter disappeared!! After suggesting that we volunteers do the work ourselves and being rejected, he was tracked down - however by this point it was not suitable for any of the housemates to take time off work to sit in (oh, I should mention the locks had to be changed as the old painter disappeared with the house key) so it was yet another week before anything could be done.

As of today, I am pleased to report that after 14 weeks and 2 days of hard work on the part of our new painter, the work is finally complete!!! My seat cushion covers have been replaced (replacing ones that haven't been washed or changed in approximately 8 years - don't want to think too much about that), the place has been gutted and I can now start to make the place feel a little bit more homely - on a budget of course :-)

And I seriously hope that's the last of the DIY to this place!!!

(Pictures to follow)

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