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Sunday, 18 September 2011

1 week in...

Well, I'm almost one week in and still surviving. What a rollercoaster it has been. Training has been very intense but very interesting. Nights out have been fantastic. And I need sleep more than anything (hopefully it will come soon!!)

Wednesday's cultural evening was very good. There was an african band along with some traditional dancers. They were really good, but for us the main perk was to be outside and away from the hotel as we all felt like we had been cooped up in a little bubble for ages! Thursday night saw us at the local pub, which was repeated again on Friday. It is such a treat to be able to sit outside with a cool beer (I won't say cold as it starts to warm up from the minute it's taken out the fridge) listening to music and speaking to randoms. They really like old-school music here - Shaggy, Pato-Banton, UB40 (!!!)

I moved into my apartment yesterday and have spent some time making my room feel a little like mine. It's very basic, but I hope to be able to personalise it over time. I almost feel like I'm in an episode of Friends as the neighbours are always popping in and out. It's nice to know there are always people around - they're very friendly, although I imagine they'll become fed up of my questions fairly soon (so much to ask!!!)

Saturday/Sunday has involved trips to the local market (first one yesterday was terrifying; today's one was better - with it being Sunday, most people were at Church so only certain stalls were open which meant I could take some time to understand the layout, the negotiations etc - much better). Hopefully over time I'll become used to haggling and will know what most of the foodstuff is (haven't a clue at the moment!) My neighbour cooked lunch for the new volunteers today which was lovely. We've also visited the local spot (bar) a couple of times - can see this becoming a local haunt.....!

I start work tomorrow. Let's just say I'm a little nervous. However, I have a later start (10am) which means I can take time to figure out the transport system, and thankfully will be accompanied by a couple of volunteers which makes life a little easier!

I've found myself slowing down in pace this last week which is interesting. Life in the UK is hectic - here it is so much more laid back, quite possibly in large part due to the heat (each day is getting warmer). I still have to figure out handwashing, cooking, cleaning (found bleach on the market but no cloths), etc. Also met my landlord today who informed us that we have to start cleaning out our drains on a Sunday as there are maggots gathering.... lovely! Look forward to next weekend....

I now have two nights out in the calendar during the next couple of weeks so that's good as it gives something to look forward to. Randomly Wednesday is a public holiday so it should give me time to learn more about the local neighbourhood (haven't had much opportunity this weekend).

I've posted a selection of pics below - enjoy!

Deiyo!!! (Good Night!)

Rachel x

1 - September's volunteer intake
2 - Thursday night
3 - Friday night
4 - Fufu with groundnut soup and "salmon"
5 - Living Room
6 - Bedroom
7/8 - Induction (yes, we do actually work!!)
9 - Us on the Tro-Tro

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