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Friday, 9 September 2011

3 days to go!

So after a year of planning, 3 assessment stages, forms, CVs, more forms, lots of waiting, training, nerves, questions, etc etc, it's all confirmed. Work's finished, flights are arranged for Monday, passport and visa have arrived, packing is almost finished - I'm pretty much all set to go. There are only two important questions outstanding - how to spend my last couple of days (between exciting tasks like defrosting my freezer) and what to have as my last meal in the UK.... oh the dilemma!

Although the nerves are slowly starting to creep in, there's no denying I'm excited. I'm hoping this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime, an opportunity to meet some fantastic people, experience a new culture and learn some new skills.

People have been so supportive of me going. I've had so many lunches, dinners and nights out that I'm now desperate for a break!! :-) Seriously though, thanks to everybody for your support so far - I appreciate it!

I'll do my best to update this blog regularly - hopefully it makes for interesting reading and gives an insight into life in Ghana. For those who're interested, please keep in touch by email (or snail mail if you can be bothered writing letters - there's nothing like receiving letters/pictures in the post!!)


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